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Are dog Halloween costumes safe?

Allie Simpson

Spooky season is here, and for many dog pawrents, it’s a chance to get dressed up with your canine pal on Halloween. Before you dive snoot-first into all the wacky costume ideas out there, it’s important to learn some things about outfit safety and making sure your dog is happy to get involved.


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Are dog Halloween costumes safe?

Wearing a Halloween costume can cause some pups discomfort or distress. They may not be safe if they leave your dog with limited movement, sight, or difficulty breathing or barking. The last thing you want is for your pet to be uncomfortable or unhappy,so be careful with your outfit of choice. There are lots of costumes out there for different sized dogs and it’s a mutt-er of trying them out to see if they suit.

Some dogs love getting their outfit groove on, while others would rather have their teeth cleaned than put on dress up clothes. It’s important to remember that your dog comes first. No matter how entertaining they look dressed as a sizeable spider, if your dog shows signs of distress, take the costume off.


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Dog Halloween costume ideas

Before you hot paw it online for different options, take the time to think about how you can make a Halloween costume more comfortable. You could check for small tags and labels that may hurt them or cause a choking hazard.

Measure your dog where needed (such as the neck and chest) to see if a costume size will fit properly. If the costume doesn’t fit and is too big, the material could become twisted on your pet or external objects and cause them to fall and injure themselves.

When it comes to dog Halloween costume ideas, there’s lots of op-paw-tunity to get creative:

  • A spider, because your good boy may want to be a scary boy for once.
  • A banana (after all, how many times have they tried slipping away when it’s bathtime?)
  • A hotdog, which is an easy choice for the Corgis and the Dachshunds out there.
  • A dinosaur, a costume that is less ‘aww’ and more ‘rawr’ for the rebellious pup.
  • A detective, because let’s face it, they always know where the treats are hidden.

> DIY dog Halloween costumes

If you’d like to be a little more creative with your Halloween costume for your dog and have more control over their comfort, another option is to go homemade. We’re talking getting crafty and making your own DIY dog Halloween costume.


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Dog Halloween collar ideas

If you’ve decided that dog collars are best for your dog’s walks, chances are your dog is already used to wearing them. Halloween dog collars are a more subtle costume for Halloween but may be better suited to the pups who don’t like full outfits. You can get a whole variety of Halloween themed dog collars, such as:

  • Pumpkin, ghost, and skeleton patterned collars.
  • Novelty bowtie collars.
  • Clown ruffle collars.
  • Clip-on Halloween collar accessories.
  • Glow in the dark collar.

As ever, try them on your canine and see how they respond. You may find that they’re happy with a clip-on accessory as long as it doesn’t dangle, or they just prefer a normal collar with a funky pattern.


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Swap out the dog Halloween costumes for toys

There are many pooches out there who see costumes as a no-go, but this doesn’t mean they can’t still have Halloween fun. If you and your dog aren’t feeling the outfit vibe, treat them to some quirky Halloween-themed toys from their favourite pet store.

Playing tug of war with a spooky rope toy is a fun enrichment idea for your pup and may help you to bond even more.

Supervise your spirited canine while they play with new toys so they don’t accidentally swallow or choke on any small parts. Discard any toys which are damaged and could be a safety hazard.


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