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  • check icon No compulsory excesses or bill share
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Kitten insurance with a difference

Kick-start your kitten’s adventures in confidence with flexible pet insurance.

Take control of your kitten’s cover with a choice of vet fee limit up to £15,000, as well as an optional excess. You’re supported with your colourful kitten from 4 weeks old by unlimited 24/7 video support from UK-registered vets and online guides by pet experts.

Our lifetime pet insurance has a Defaqto 5 star rating when you choose vet fees above £4k with all optional add-ons.

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Why Petsure?

Owning a kitten is a real learning curve - but you’ve arrived at the right place. You can empower yourself with what you may need to become a confident Petsure parent, from choosing the best type of pet insurance to discovering how to care for your kitten.

Nobody likes unexpected vet fees. Having a Petsure policy can give you the freedom to not have to foot the bill alone.

A picture of a customer on a FirstVet video call with a UK vet

Unlimited video calls with a UK vet

Expert advice for your kitten is just a video call away with FirstVet. A FirstVet consultation never counts as a claim and their UK-registered vets are available 24/7.

You have unlimited support throughout those crucial kitten years and beyond, whenever and as often as you need it.

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No compulsory co-payments for older pets?
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†For Lifetime policies only – details correct as of 16 June 2023 via competitor websites. Competitor products are subject to their own T&Cs. For full details of Petsure pet insurance, please read our policy wording.

Kittens with medical conditions

Kittens can be mischievous – and they can also develop illnesses before becoming the ruler of your home. You’ll be asked to tell us about their pre-existing conditions* and let us know about their current health when applying for a quote.

Some of the conditions that kittens can develop include vomiting and diarrhoea.

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Product facts

Taking out kitten insurance could give you the reassurance you need if you’re suddenly faced with a vet bill.

Kittens are still growing and their immune systems are developing, meaning they are more at risk of getting sick. Their curious nature and desire to explore also lends itself to potential accidents.

How much you could pay for kitten insurance varies depending on where you live, your kitten’s breed, their age, and if they have pre-existing conditions.

Our pet insurance includes complementary treatment, emergency care, and dental accident cover.

You then have the option of adding extra benefits like missing pet cover, dental illness, travel and holiday cover, and farewell cover.

Check your policy wording carefully for any inner limits, policy conditions, or exclusions.

You can cover a kitten with us from 4 weeks of age. Kittens are curious creatures and love to get out into the world.

So, getting kitten insurance sooner gives you the confidence that you could be covered for accidents that lead to vet bills.

Not with a Petsure policy. To take out pet insurance with us, you need to take your kitten for routine check-ups to maintain your cover. Like us, many insurers also won’t cover the cost of any kitten vaccinations.

Your Petsure insurance policy gives you illness and accidental injury cover for your kitten year after year, as long as you continue to renew with us.

Our standard cat insurance includes treatment for dental accidents up to your chosen vet fee limit. You can then extend your cover to include dental illness, up to a maximum of £5,000 or your vet fee limit (whichever is lower).

Some other providers don’t cover dental illness, but this depends on the individual provider and the policy type you choose.

The breed of your kitten affects whether we (and other insurers) will offer cover and how much you pay for this each month.

This is because some breeds are at a higher risk of developing certain genetic illnesses.

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Policy documents

Policy document

*Cover for pre-existing medical conditions is subject to acceptance. They will not be covered unless you have declared them and they are shown on your Confirmation of Cover as an accepted medical condition.

**Illnesses won’t be covered in the first 14 days and accidents won’t be covered in the first 2 days of the policy unless you are switching from another insurer on a like for like basis with no break in cover. Other exclusions may apply to other sections.