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  • check icon Up to £15,000 vet fees - reset each year you renew
  • check icon Renew annually to cover your pet for life
  • check icon Cover for pre-existing medical conditions
  • check icon No compulsory excess
  • check icon No upper age limit

Pet insurance with a difference

Not all pet insurance policies are created equally. And it really gets our hackles up when older pets and those with pre-existing conditions are treated unfairly.

Choose inclusive cover that puts an end to upper age limits, compulsory excesses, and prejudice towards existing illnesses.

Cover that lets you pick your limits, excess, and optional extras to suit your pet’s individual needs.

Our lifetime pet insurance has a Defaqto 5 star rating when you choose vet fees over £4k with all optional add-ons included. Basic cover alone has a 3 star rating.

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What is lifetime pet insurance?

Lifetime pet insurance means your chosen vet fee limit resets each year you renew. And you don’t have to worry if your pet develops a chronic condition - these can be covered up to your policy limits, year after year.

Choosing lifetime pet insurance gives you the confidence your pet can be protected for life. As long as you continue to renew your policy with us, still meet eligibility, and don’t miss any of your premium payments.

Find out more in our guide to lifetime pet insurance.

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Cover for most pre-existing conditions

All pre-existing conditions are considered. When getting a quote, you’ll be asked about your pet’s health to see if we can cover them.

This means the price you pay fairly reflects any conditions that can be covered.

When you take out your policy, you’ll be able to see all the conditions you’ve declared.

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Maximum vet fees £15k per year £15k per year £12k per year £12.5k per year
Cover for pre-existing conditions?
No compulsory excess?
No compulsory co-payments for older pets?
Tailor limits per pet on a multi-pet policy?
Dental treatment for accidents?
Behavioural treatment and complementary therapy?

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†For Lifetime policies only – details correct as of 3 November 2022 via competitor websites. Competitor products are subject to their own T&Cs. For full details of Petsure pet insurance, please read our policy wording.

How does our lifetime pet insurance work?

1. Tailor your policy to your pet’s needs – pick your vet fee limit up to £15k, select any optional add ons, and choose whether to pay an excess or co-payment.

2. Claim as many times up to your chosen limit each policy year – if your pet falls ill or is injured and you need to make a claim, the cost will be taken from your chosen annual limit.

3. Your vet fee limit resets each year you renew your policy – when you stay with us, your pet will continue to be covered for repeated illnesses up to your policy limits throughout their lifetime.

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Frequently asked questions about pet insurance

Pet insurance covers your pet if they need treatment for an accident or illness.

The amount of cover you get depends on the type of pet insurance and what limits you choose. Find out more about the different types of pet insurance.

With Petsure pet insurance, your pet’s declared accepted conditions are covered for the life of your policy, as long as you continue to renew each year.

Petsure cover includes:

  • Vet fees
    > Behavioural treatment
    > Complementary therapy
    > Dental accidents
    > Euthanasia
    > MRI/CT scans
    > Cruciate ligaments
  • Emergency care
  • Third party liability for dogs

You can also add on optional extras like

  • Travel and Holiday cover
  • Dental Illness
  • Missing Pet cover
  • Farewell cover

With so many different types of pet insurance out there, knowing what’s what can get confusing.

Find out the differences between lifetime, maximum benefit, and time-limited pet insurance on our ‘what is lifetime pet insurance’ page.

Some of the things Petsure pet insurance doesn’t cover include:

  • Routine and preventative treatments (like flea and worming)
  • Vaccinations
  • Neutering
  • Routine teeth cleaning
  • Routine or investigative tests (unless to diagnose a new or worsening condition covered under your policy)

The cost of pet insurance is different for each pet and is based on your chosen vet fee limit, excess, bill share, and cover options.

Where you live, your pet’s age, breed, and conditions, to name but a few, can also affect the price of your cover.

It can be tricky to decide what annual vet fee limit to get with your pet insurance. Here’s what can help you choose the vet fee limit for your pet’s cover:

  • Researching what conditions can affect each breed and the average cost to treat these conditions
  • Checking what your local vet charges for emergency treatment in case your pet has an accident

It’s completely your choice whether to buy pet insurance.

Remember, there’s no NHS for pets if they’re poorly or get in a scrape. So you’ll have to pay for everything yourself if you don’t have vet fee cover to put towards their treatment costs.

Having cover gives some owners peace of mind that their best pet pal is protected if they fall ill.

Pet insurance can also give you benefits and options beyond vet fees, such as emergency care and money towards advertising your missing pet. Discover why having dog insurance and cat cover is important.

You can find out more about cover, benefits and cost of vet bills in our guide to pet insurance.

Petsure pet insurance includes cover for dental accidents as standard.

Your pet won’t be covered for routine and preventative treatments such as a scale and polish. Unless this is to relieve suffering due to dental illness and you’ve bought our optional dental illness cover.

You can add Travel and Holiday cover to your Petsure policy for trips in the UK and overseas.

This gives you cover for:

  • Up to 183 days each policy year (max 90 days per trip)
  • Vet fees abroad up to your chosen vet fee limit
  • Emergency repatriation of your pet while abroad or in the UK
  • Trip cancellation because of your pet (up to £5,000 per person)

Accidents can happen at any time and the risk of falling ill increases as your pet ages.

Having pet insurance in place as soon as possible can give you the reassurance they’re protected and enjoy living their best life.

Many pet insurers won’t take on new pets after a certain age, which is usually 8 for dogs and 10 for cats.

Petsure has no upper age limit and can cover your puppy or kitten from four weeks of age.

You can also switch with no break in cover if you’re moving on a like-for-like basis from another provider.

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*Illnesses won’t be covered in the first 14 days and accidents won’t be covered in the first 2 days of the policy unless you are switching from another insurer on a like for like basis with no break in cover. Other exclusions may apply to other sections