Your Petsure cover perks

Let’s be honest, your pet rules the household. And they deserve VIP treatment to help them live their best life.

When you join Petsure, you’ll get benefits to support you as a pet owner, and keep the head of your house healthy and happy.

  • Free unlimited access to FirstVet

    Throughout their early escapades to their relaxed senior years (though try telling them that), you’ll always be looking out for your pet’s wellbeing.

  • With Petsure, you have 24/7 free access to video consultations with a UK-based FirstVet vet.

  • Keep your pet healthy and happy and get peace of mind from expert vet guidance, on hand whenever you need it.

A picture of a customer on a FirstVet video call with a UK vet

Blue Cross support

Emotional support for pet loss

Losing a pet can be unimaginable. If you ever have to say goodbye to your pet companion, know you’re not alone.

By joining Petsure, you have dedicated emotional support from Blue Cross Pet Bereavement Support Service. Their trained volunteers are there to help you through pet loss in a confidential and judgement-free space.

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