Claim with confidence

Claiming on your pet insurance is simple and straight forward.

94% claims paid

From 2020-21 from our claims provider, Insurance Factory

Vets can be paid direct

We can pay either you, or your vet directly

Award-winning service

Winner of Claims team of the year at the British Claims Awards 2019.

Unlimited video calls with vets

Keep your pets happy and healthy with unlimited access to an experienced UK-registered vet 24/7 with FirstVet when you join Petsure.


How to submit your claim

1. Getting started

Login to MyPetsure and visit the claims section or call our claims team on 0333 009 0998.

2. Submit your claim

Complete your claims form and attach any invoices/bills as well as sending details of the vets if you're claiming for treatment.

3. Get a decision in days

90% of claims have a decision made within 5 working days.

4. Payment made

We'll either send you, or your vet payment for any agreed claims, minus any excess fees and bill share.

How to claim

Before you get started with your claim, it's important to check a few details to make sure your claim goes smoothly.

What you'll need to start your claim...
  1. Register for MyPetsure so you can submit your claim online.
  2. Check what you need to pay towards your claim and bill (check your excess and bill share) – these can be found on your Confirmation of Cover.
  3. Have all of your vets details to hand.
    a.  Copies of any bills and invoices that need paying.
    b. Your vets address and email where your claim form can be submitted.
  4. Confirm who needs to be paid – you or your vet.
  5. Submit your claim.
  6. We will acknowledge receipt of your claim. If anything is missing we’ll let you know.

Common Queries

Something’s wrong with my pet, what do I do?

If you’re unsure about whether or not you need to call your vet for an appointment, all Petsure customers have unlimited access to FirstVet. It’s a 24/7 vet video consultation service. Call them from the comfort of your own home without any additional fees.

If the vet you speak to on FirstVet thinks it’s a more serious issue, they’ll suggest what you need to do next.

What can I claim for on my pet insurance?

You can claim for anything that’s covered under your policy. It’s a good idea to check your Confirmation of Cover document and your policy wording before you need to make a claim to understand what you can claim for.


Do I have to pay anything when I make a claim?

It depends. When you make a claim, you might be asked to pay some of the bill.

The amount you’ll need to pay will depend on your cover limits, excess and bill share that you chose when you set up your policy.

When it comes to excesses for ongoing conditions, you’ll only be asked to contribute your excess once per policy year for that condition.

More FAQs
  • 24/7 access to FirstVet

    With a Petsure policy

  • Experienced vets

    Helping with your claim

  • Over 20 years' experience

    Handling claims