A new breed of

dog insurance

  • Up to £15,000 lifetime vet fees
  • Cover for pre-existing medical conditions
  • No compulsory excess
  • No upper age limit

Dog insurance with a difference

Your dog deserves the best. And you can’t get a more comprehensive policy than lifetime dog insurance.

With up to £15,000 vet fees, cover for pre-existing conditions and a choice of having no excess, you’re in control when you choose Petsure.

What’s more, our dog insurance with all optional add-ons included has a Defaqto 5 star rating.

Why Petsure?

We’re standing up to pet inequality. So whether you’re looking to cover your puppy or senior dog, there’s no upper age limit. And no nasty compulsory excesses. It’s tailored dog insurance that’s worth wagging your tail for.

Multi-pet insurance

Cover more than one dog or even add your cat with our multi-pet insurance. You can cover up to eight pets and set different cover limits for each pet to suit their needs.

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How our dog insurance stacks up

Bought By Many Waggel Animal Friends
Maximum vet fees £15k per year £15k per year £10k per year £6k per year
Cover for pre-existing conditions?
No compulsory excess?
No compulsory co-payments for older pets?
Tailor limits per pet on a multi-pet policy?

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Dogs with medical conditions

Our dogs are more than just pets. They’re part of the family. Even if they develop medical conditions, our love for them never stops and we believe they should be treated fairly.

When you’re getting a quote, we’ll ask you about the health of your dog to give you a fair price. With no upper age limit, regardless of whether your dog has conditions that can be covered, you’ll never be limited for choice on cover levels. Let’s bite back against pet prejudice.

So, you no longer have to feel trapped with your existing dog insurance provider. Switch to Petsure and your cover could start immediately.

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Product facts

Lifetime dog insurance is the most comprehensive type of pet insurance you can buy. Your dog doesn’t have to be a pup to take out lifetime dog insurance with us. Benefits of lifetime dog insurance include:

  • Vet fees covered up to your policy limits each year
  • Covers recurring or chronic conditions through the lifetime of your policy
  • Your policy limits reset each year – as long as you renew and there’s no break in cover.

With us, no! Some insurers won’t take on older dogs. But you don’t have to worry about upper age limits with us. All we ask is your dog is more than 4 weeks old.

Many insurers introduce mandatory contributions if you need to claim. These are usually called ‘co-payments’ and are paid on top of your excess payment when your dog reaches a certain age – usually 8 years old. With us, it’s always your choice.

When you’re setting up your dog insurance, you have the power to decide how much you’re willing to pay if you need to claim. It’s also a way to keep your premium down.

If you always want us to pay the whole bill up to your policy limits then you can set your excess to £0 and a 0% voluntary bill share. This will increase the price you pay, but means you’ll never be out of pocket when you claim.

You can take out dog insurance when your pup is as little as 4 weeks old. Accidents can happen at any time, even with puppies who are exploring a new world. Without the NHS to rely on as we do, you’ll otherwise have to pay the entire vet fee bill yourself.

It’s your choice as to when you take out dog insurance, but it is a risk to leave your puppy uninsured.

You can add Missing Pet cover to your policy. This gives you help in recovering your dog with advertising costs and also in offering a reward for their safe return.

This covers you up to the market value of your dog or cover amount – if your dog is lost, stolen or strays and you’re not reunited in 30 days.

If you’re not switching over your policy to us from another provider, you can claim after the following times, depending on the type of claim:

Accidental injuries – 2 days
Illnesses – 14 days
Missing pets – 14 days

If you do need help with any of the above situations within these timeframes, you’ll need to pay the bill yourself.


If you are switching from another provider, you could claim on your Petsure policy from the cover start date as long as:

  • There’s no break in between your cover.
  • The claim you want to make would have been covered with your previous provider.
  • And you’re also covered for the claim with your new Petsure policy.

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Policy documents

Policy document

*data from 2020-21 from our claims provider, Insurance Factory

† For Lifetime policies only – details correct as of 2 June 2021 via competitor websites. Competitor products are subject to their own terms and conditions and for full details of the Petsure pet insurance please read our policy wording.

No exclusion periods apply for your vet fee limit as long as you’re switching from a Lifetime policy with your current provider to one of our Lifetime policies.