Multi-pet insurance
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Lifetime multi-pet insurance with a difference

Your pets each have their own personality and you’ll know their needs better than anyone else. That’s why, if you need to, you can customise your limits per pet with our multi-pet insurance. You’ll never have to pay for more cover than you want for each pet again.

Pick & Mix your cover

You won’t always want the same cover for all of your pets. Pick and mix your cover limits to suit each pet under one lifetime multi-pet insurance policy.

So, you could cover one pet with up to £15,000 vet fee cover if they need it. For another, you might opt for our lowest limit of £1,000. It’s completely up to you. You can even customise their excesses and optional extras.

It’s multi-pet insurance that can be as unique as your pets are with:

Up to £15,000 lifetime vet fees

Cover for pre-existing medical conditions

No compulsory excess

No upper age limit

Unlimited video calls with vets

Keep your pets happy and healthy with unlimited access to an experienced UK-registered vet 24/7 with FirstVet when you join Petsure.

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How our multi-pet insurance stacks up

Bought By Many Waggel Animal Friends
Maximum vet fees £15k per year £15k per year £10k per year £6k per year
Cover for pre-existing conditions?
No compulsory excess?
No compulsory co-payments for older pets?
Tailor limits per pet on a multi-pet policy

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Multi-pet insurance with medical conditions

If your pets have medical conditions, then you might feel trapped with your current provider with rising costs, as it often feels like there’s nowhere else to go.

Get a quote to see if we can cover your pet’s conditions – even for multiple pets. If you’re switching from another provider then your cover can even start straight away*. No more unnecessary waiting periods. With us, you’re in control.

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Product facts

Yes – you can mix and match up to eight cats and dogs on one policy when they’re older than 4 weeks. You can choose to have the same cover limits, or create unique policies for each pet – even with optional add-ons and different excesses.

Yes, you can add extra pets at any point after you’ve set up your policy, with a limit of up to eight pets. Your renewal date will be the anniversary of the date your cover started for your first pet.

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Policy documents

Policy documents

† For Lifetime policies only – details correct as of 2 June 2021 via competitor websites. Competitor products are subject to their own terms and conditions and for full details of the Petsure pet insurance please read our policy wording.

*Illnesses won’t be covered in the first 14 days and accidents won’t be covered in the first 2 days of the policy unless you are switching from another insurer on a like for like basis with no break in cover. Other exclusions may apply to other sections.