27 - 29 August Bath & West County Festival

Canine Champions Raise a Middle Claw to Pet Prejudice at The Petsure Games

From senior pooches with victory still in their bones to arthritically challenged pets with warrior attitudes, we invited dogs of all shapes, sizes, and abilities to join us for The Petsure Games from 27 – 29 Aug 2021.

The Petsure Games is an inclusive animal sporting event that was held at the popular Bath & West Country Festival.

What are the Petsure Games?

An op-paw-tunity for each and every dog to get involved? That’s right – we’re all about supporting the underdog.

The well-established sporting events are great and all, but we thought it was about time Tazzie the three-legged Boxer and Bertie the one-eyed Pug got a chance to show off their athletic skills.

We worked closely with world-class agility coaches to create an unforgettable and fully accessible experience for all; this includes our beloved older pups, disabled dogs, and those with pre-existing conditions.

What could my dog do on the day?

We set up a range of events to accommodate our less-abled pets, from jumpless jumps to scent-based fetch. If the dog was excited to get involved, we were ready to welcome them to our paralympic-style games, held at one of the UK’s best-loved country shows.

Some pets just wanted to have a go on the course, and that was cool with us. Any dog wishing to compete enjoyed a practice round before putting its best paw forward and entering the time trial.

And, of course, everyone who took part in the time trial was awarded a medal, because they were all champions in our eyes.

Dog Image

What else happened at The Petsure Games?

Alongside our awesome agility course, we brought along legendary cricket commentator Henry Bloefeld OBE (Blowers) on the first day to give his purr-fessional commentary on the competitors. The Petsure team enjoyed lots of fun and hilarity and we hope the competitors did too!

A picture of Henry Bloefeld OBE at The Petsure Games

Were there any experts around on the day?

Here’s another exciting part – TV vet Dr Scott Miller joined us on the Friday! Industry-leading dog trainers were also on hand across the event to give their knowledge and expertise. For dog owners, this was the paw-fect chance to get advice on your pup. These pet experts also advised us on the creation of The Petsure Games course to make sure it was as safe and fun as possible.

A picture of Dr Scott Miller with two black terriers at The Petsure Games

Thanks for joining us

It wouldn’t have been the pawsome weekend it was without all your support and participation. We hope to see you in the future – watch this space!

A picture of Dr Scott Miller and Puggy Smalls at The Petsure Games