Policy wording updates – February 2022

Following feedback, we’ve made some updates to your policy.

Below, we’ve run through some of the main changes to your policy terms that may affect you.

Changes to your policy terms can be found in your updated policy wording booklet.

Cover update What this means
Pet vaccinations Unless your pet is up to date with their vaccinations, we won’t pay for any losses caused by your pet suffering from the following illnesses:
> Dog – distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, or parvovirus.
> Cat – feline infectious enteritis, feline influenza and feline leukaemia.
If your vet has advised you not to vaccinate your pet because of health concerns, then these conditions would be covered under your policy. This advice must be shown on your pet’s medical notes.
Section 7: Optional travel and holiday cover
(This applies if you have added our optional travel and holiday cover to your policy)
Staycations may be the ideal holiday for your pet, which is why we’ve upgraded our optional travel and holiday cover to now include trips within the UK.
Section 7: Optional travel and holiday cover:
A. Vet fees abroad
(This applies if you have added our optional travel and holiday cover to your policy)
We will only pay claims for vet fees abroad if the condition did not occur, or the symptom did not appear prior to travel.

If your pet showed a condition or symptom before you travelled, and needs treatment for this while abroad, vet fees won’t be covered by your policy.

Partnership with Blue Cross You now have free access to a dedicated pet loss support line with Blue Cross.

If you’re ever faced with the difficulty of losing a pet, you have confidential support from trained volunteers.

Breeding definition We’ve included a definition that can allow your pet to be covered for up to two litters.

Three or more litters or commercial breeding is not covered.

Pre-authorisation from Petsure You no longer need pre-authorisation from us should you need to make a claim.

This includes vet fees which are likely to go over £1,000 and any expenses that result from cancelling a trip.

Section 5: Optional missing pet cover
(This applies if you have added our optional missing pet cover to your policy)
If your pet was to go missing, you would now need to make your local rescue and welfare centres aware within 48 hours of your pet going missing.

This is in addition to notifying your microchip provider and at least one vet practice in the area your pet was last seen.

Section 6: Optional farewell cover
(This applies if you have added our optional farewell cover to your policy)
Losing a pet can be a very painful experience, and we understand it’s not always at the top of your list to let us know. We can now cancel your policy from the date confirmed by your vet, and refund any premiums due back.
Special terms and conditions To continue your policy, there may be the need to apply special terms and conditions. We will agree these with you and these would be shown on your Confirmation of Cover.
Renewing your policy There may be occasions where we may not be able to offer you a renewal of your pet’s policy. We’ll write to you at least 21 days before your next renewal date to explain why we can’t renew your pet’s policy.
Petsure claims address We’ve moved! If you need to contact us via post, our new address is: Petsure Claims, 2nd Floor, 5000 Lakeside, North Harbour, Western Rd, Portsmouth, PO6 3EN
Upgrading your cover If you need a higher vet fee limit, or to add on optional dental illness cover, you’ll need to complete a new health questionnaire. This is to see if we can cover your pet’s conditions at the higher vet fee level, or include the optional dental illness cover.

An additional premium may apply.

Section 3: Third-party liability (dogs only) We have made this clearer that this cover is only when there is legal action that you are legally liable for.