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Are cat Halloween costumes safe?

Allie Simpson

Are you one of the cat parents who’s been thinking about the purr-fect costume for your feline friend this Halloween?

Halloween is an exciting time for cat lovers as the internet fills up with endless cat pumpkins, pirates, and witches. As you try and decide which costume gives the best cattitude, you may be wondering whether cat costumes are safe – so let’s find out.


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Can cats wear clothes?

Costumes can limit the movement of your feline, their ability to go to the toilet and, in some cases, their breathing. Having pictures of them in hilarious costumes may seem fun for you both, but this should not be at the expense of your cat’s safety and well-being.

Putting your cat in clothing may seem like an entertaining idea. Cats can wear clothes, it’s true, but let’s paws for a second…

> Cat safety in Halloween costumes

Your cat’s comfort and happiness comes above novelty dress up so, when putting together their costume, try and think of something that won’t irritate or distress them. Most importantly, it shouldn’t put them at risk.

Your cat should also be under your supervision and not let out of the house while wearing a costume, as they could get caught when trying to climb a tree or a fence (much as they might feel they can now fly with their bat wing costume on).

You may want to do a fitting before Halloween so you’re confident they’re happy to wear a costume and won’t get fur-strated. Remember, there will be lots of unusual sights and sounds on the day. Your cat could be overwhelmed by the sensory overload, and adding a costume to the mix may not help.


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Why do cats freeze when you put clothes on them?

If you notice that your cat does freeze up when in costume, this is usually a sign that they are uncomfortable and restricted in clothing. Wearing clothes is not natural for cats, so it may take some time for them to get used to the material.

If you notice they’re unhappy or feel limited in their breathing then it’s probably best to think of another costume, or simply not use one at all. You know your cat best, so go by their reactions and don’t force them into something that could distress them.

Always remember that your cat is in charge!


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Halloween costume ideas for cats

There’s lots of Halloween costume ideas for cats and these can be bought online and in some pet shops. Some options out there include:

  • A lion outfit, a pick for felines who need to show on the outside how majestic they feel on the inside.
  • A wizard outfit, a discerning choice for the cat who always does a disappearing act.
  • A pumpkin, because sometimes you just have to embrace the classics.
  • A pirate (but don’t give them a parrot as it likely wouldn’t last very long).
  • A bat, though we’re pretty sure that cats could achieve world domination with wings, so be warned.

> DIY outfits for cats

If your cat seems happy enough wearing a costume but you just can’t find one that fits, you could try making one yourself. A DIY outfit may suit your cat as you could tailor the costume to their specific size. This in turn may help to prevent any discomfort or limitation when it comes to movement, breathing, and going to the toilet.


A picture of a black cat climbing a pumpkin

Celebrating black cats on Halloween

Instead of trying to dress up your pet, why not take this opportunity to celebrate one of the animal heroes of the spooky season – the black cat!

With their mysterious look and cultural association with witches, Halloween is the ideal time for these magical felines to step out of the shadows. Often misunderstood, black cats have a lot of love to give and have been loyal companions to their humans for many years.

If your black cat could talk, we think they’d be telling you that Halloween is their day to be worshipped. Or is this every cat on every day of the year?

Even if your cat isn’t black, this is a fun time to show your feline how much you care with fun Halloween-themed toys from your local pet store. Pick out some spooky pieces that you know your cat will love and keep them entertained while you munch through your sweet stash.


Some costumes may limit movement but our policies are flexible. Our cat insurance could leave you purring with happiness.

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