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A picture of a Maine Coon with green eyes lying on a bed

Do I need cat insurance?

Like dogs, cats can get themselves into unexpected scrapes or fall ill. So let’s take a look at the benefits of getting pet insurance for your formidable feline.

A picture of a Shepherd dog and a cat lying in front of a Christmas tree
Cats | Dogs

Christmas pet safety: Top tips from a first aid expert

Make sure your Christmas festivities are safe for your favourite pet pal with these top tips from pet first aid expert Emma Hammet.

A picture of a tabby cat sat majestically on a fence

Cat worming guide: How to treat and what to look for

Discover how to keep worms at bay and your feline happy and healthy with expert guidance on cat worming from vet Dr Lily Richards.

A picture of a tabby cat meowing while walking in the garden

Your guide to cat meowing and other vocalisations

If you’re keen to understand your cat’s meows, this guide is for you! Learn all about feline vocalisations from expert behaviourist Lucy Hoile.

A picture of a black and white tabby scratching the side of a sofa

Scratching furniture: Why do cats do it and how to stop it

Are your cat’s claws getting too familiar with your furniture? Expert behaviourist Lucy Hoile shares top tips for managing your feline’s scratching.

A picture of a Germain Pointer sat on a vet table having their heart listened to with a stethoscope
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How to make your pet’s visit to the vet less stressful

If your best pet pal gets nervous seeing the vet, you’re not alone. Expert vet Dr Scott Miller shares his top tips for making visits less stressful.

A picture of a grumpy looking white cat with blue eyes sat on the arm of a sofa

Deafness in cats: What you need to know

Are you living with a hard-of-hearing cat? Discover how to give them the love and care they need from expert vet Dr Corinne Wigfall.

A picture of a Tuxedo cat lying on a cushion

Your need-to-knows about feline infectious peritonitis (FIP)

Worried about feline infectious peritonitis? Expert vet Dr Scott Miller shares how to spot the symptoms and protect your kitty from this rare condition.

A picture of a long haired cat hiding under a tree

Should I let my cat outside?

Expert feline behaviourist Lucy Hoile shares the pros and cons of giving your cat access to the great outdoors.

A picture of a grey and white kitten sitting in a litter tray

How to litter train a kitten

Find out how to set up your new kitten for toileting success with these top tips from cat behaviourist Lucy Hole.

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