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Petsure is against ageism in pet insurance

It’s my birthday today! Although for the love of catnip, please do NOT tell anyone how old I am.

A picture of a tuxedo cat being checked by a vet with a stethoscope
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How much does the vet cost? Vet fees explained

Expert vet Dr Scott Miller helps you understand what it can cost to treat your pet with this handy breakdown of vet fee costs.

A picture of a Nova Scotia Retriever leaning on a log in the woods
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UK lungworm spread in dogs: What you need to know

Lungworm cases in dog are growing in the UK, so here’s your essential need-to-knows from expert vet Dr Scott Miller.

A picture of a microchipped ginger cat in the grass wearing a collar and ID tag
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UK cat microchipping law: What you need to know

Dr Scott Miller shares his top tips on chipping your feline now that cat microchipping is UK law.

A picture of a grey Maine Coon looking into the camera
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What is lifetime pet insurance

We’re saying farewell to all of the confusion around lifetime pet insurance. Join us as we explore what it is and how it works.

A picture of young Queen Elizabeth II with her Corgi

Remembering Queen Elizabeth II

In memory of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Petsure looks back over her lifelong love of dogs and charitable support of animals.

A picture of a Persian cat looking through an open book
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UK flat-faced pet breed ban: What could it mean for my pet?

There’s ongoing talk about flat-faced pet welfare and whether a breeding ban is needed. Let’s take a look at what’s being said - and what it means for your pet.

A picture of a Border Collie watching his owner buy a food bowl in a pet shop
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Savvy swaps and tips to make pet care more affordable

With so many costs going up, we’ve put together some top tips and swaps to make pet care more affordable, without compromising on quality.

A picture of a Border Collie chewing a bunch of flowers
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Share the underdog love this Valentine’s Day

We all know rescue cats and dogs have a lot of love to give. So what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a fun dating profile for your pet.

A picture of a Dachshund wearing a rain coat, running on a beach in winter
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Dog beach sickness virus: What to do if you’re affected

There’s a mystery dog sickness bug that started on the beach but is now spreading inland. Dr Scott Miller is here to explain what we know so far about the virus and gives advice on how to protect your pup.

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