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Petsure is against ageism in pet insurance

Mr Tiddles

It’s my birthday today! Although for the love of catnip, please do NOT tell anyone how old I am.

If I whisper it, do you promise not to tell anyone? I’m 64… that’s 12 in human years.

You could tell me “oooh age is just a number”, but I’m no spring chicken. Although I wouldn’t say no to some spring chicken right about now…

Anyway, I heard the humans talking about me last night.

They said something about the fact that if I have an accident, then they’ll have to use something called ‘money’ to pay more of the vet bill than they thought JUST because I’m older. They said it wasn’t fair that they’ll have no choice.

Something about having to pay at least 20% of the bill AND their excess on my pet insurance?

To be honest, I don’t see the point in money – no pockets you see. But it seems like it’s a big deal for the humans.

They decided to move my pet insurance because, well, I’m worth it. But you know what, even with my Very Important Pet status, most pet insurers REFUSED to take me on. Well I never. I’ve never been refused anything in my life. Do they not know who I am? I’m apparently ‘too old’.

That’s pet prejudice.

Well. I’m not having any of that. And neither are Petsure. They don’t discriminate on age. They see me for who I am and have designed a policy that suits me, even at my experienced age.

A note from Petsure:

With a Petsure policy, being an older cat is never a barrier to buying pet insurance. Ever. We’re giving pet prejudice the middle-claw.

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