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Petsure supports pets with superpowers

Bailey the Superdog

Before you ask… yes you can have my paw-tograph. You might have heard of me? I’m a superdog with superpowers.

No? Oh. The humans at the vets ALL know me as soon as I walk in. That’s how I know I’m a superdog. I even get extra special treatment.

You see, I’ve woken up at the vets so many times. Often looking like a lamp but feeling surprisingly okay about it all. It’s all a bit surreal. This is when I assume they top me up with my superpowers.

But being a superdog comes at a price. What do they say? With great power comes great responsibility? I’m sure that was about me.

Because I have these superpowers, the humans say it makes me more expensive and that I get more expensive every year to cover. They must be talking about my superhero cape. I also hear them sighing everytime they have to put their money rectangle into the blooper at the vets.

The humans were once whispering to the lady next to us while we were waiting at the vets (but I heard as I have super hearing) that we’re stuck with my pet insurance.

I’m not quite sure where it’s stuck, but I’ve been chasing my tail ALL week trying to find it on me.

Apparently, not all pet insurers like pets with superpowers – like me. They must be supervillains to not love a superhero like me.

But then the humans found Petsure. They said that we weren’t trapped anymore! That they accept pets with superpowers, like me.

Isn’t that super?

A note from Petsure

With our pet insurance, you can cover pre-existing conditions (sorry, we mean superpowers).

That means no more feeling trapped by your existing policy.

When you switch to us with cover to the same level, there’s no waiting periods.

There’s also no compulsory excesses, and no upper age limits, so you’re in control.

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