A picture of pet influencer Puggy Smalls at The Petsure Games 2021

The Petsure Games 2021

Allie Simpson

You were pawsome, Petsure Games contestants!

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in the very first Petsure Games. It was great seeing you all across the bank holiday weekend – and there were a lot of you! We had over 160 canine champions try out our accessible agility course and put their owners through their paces. Our team loved meeting so many dogs of different shapes, sizes, and abilities, all of them showing the Petsure attitude and spirit.

A picture of Puggy Smalls and the Petsure team at The Petsure Games 2021


A weekend of top dog moments

There were so many highlights from the event that it’s su-paw hard to choose just a few!

Henry Bloefeld once again showed us his winning narrative skills as he provided an entertaining commentary for the time trial contestants. We sat at the edge of our seats and listened closely as Henry closely followed all of the thrilling action and hilarious mishaps.

Dr Scott Miller lent his veterinary expertise to the day and spent time getting to know our furry participants and their owners. He was also on hand to congratulate everyone in the time trials and hand out their well-deserved medals.

A picture of Lola competing in The Petsure Games


Puggy Smalls took the challenge in his stride

It was great to see the Instagram influencer Puggy Smalls tackle our agility course multiple times throughout the day. He took it on with his pawrents, with Dr Scott, and even went for a relaxing round in his buggy (though this wasn’t so chilled out for his Mum).

A picture of Puggy Smalls on the Petsure Games agility course


Poppy the Dalmatian reminded us who’s boss

Poppy the Dalmatian also reminded us all who exactly was in charge on the day – the dogs! When it came to the final tunnel, Dotty decided that enough was enough. She herded up her family with a classic Dalmatian grin and encouraged them to go through the tunnel instead of her. After that impressive display, we’re confident Dotty can train up her humans to take on the whole course next time.

A picture of Poppy the Dalmation on The Petsure Games course


Meet some of the contestants

Ready to meet some of Friday’s contestants? Just a few of the amazing pooches who got involved across the weekend, these underdogs more than proved their abilities and skills on our inclusive course.


Max the Australian Cattle Dog

Max is a 6.5 year old Australian Cattle Dog with a love of hunting squirrels and a dislike of baths. His favourite person is his brother and they had a great time trying out the course together. Max had never tried an agility course before and especially loved leaping over our jumps.

His pawsome finishing time was a speedy 42 seconds.

A picture of Max the Australian Cattle Dog at The Petsure Games


Lola the Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Beautiful Lola is an 11 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She had an operation to remove one of her back legs, but this doesn’t stop her from living her best life. It also didn’t hold her back from crushing our agility course! She loves snuggles and getting pampered but is not a huge fan of the rain – can we blame her?

Her impressive time trial finish was 43 seconds.

A picture of Lola & Dr Scott at The Petsure Games


Jasper the Jack Russell Terrier x Chihuahua

Sassy Jasper is a 7.5 year old cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Chihuahua. When he’s not sleeping (which he absolutely loves to do) he’s trying to escape his owner’s attempt to brush his teeth. Like many of the dogs at the event, it was Jack’s first time trying out an agility course. As you can see by his happy smile, he loved it.

A picture of Jasper the Jack Russell Terrier x Chihuahua at The Petsure Games


Did you catch your dog on our social channels?

Just because the Petsure Gamesis over, doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Head on over to our Facebook and Instagram accounts to see our highlights from the event, including action shots and footage of all our amazing underdogs who got involved. Did we get a snap of your dog?


What’s next for The Petsure Games?

The Petsure Games 2021 showed that all dogs can be champions, even if they are older or have a disability. We hope to return in the future and bring you more days of thrills and fun on our inclusive agility course.

In the meantime, we invite you to join us in supporting the underdog and fighting for fair pet insurance.

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