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A picture of a cat with a tick scratching itself
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Ticks on cats and dogs: Spotting, removal, and treatment

Discover how to protect and treat your pet against parasitic nasties with this top tick guide from expert vet Dr Lizzie Youens.

A picture of a microchipped ginger cat in the grass wearing a collar and ID tag
Cats | News

UK cat microchipping law: What you need to know

Dr Scott Miller shares his top tips on chipping your feline now that cat microchipping is UK law.

A picture of a black cat inspecting a red toothbrush

How to look after your cat’s teeth

Ready to learn all about feline dental care? Vet Dr Lizzie Youens is here to support you with the important know-hows of looking after your cat’s teeth.

A picture of a grey Maine Coon looking into the camera
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What is lifetime pet insurance

We’re saying farewell to all of the confusion around lifetime pet insurance. Join us as we explore what it is and how it works.

A picture of a Maine Coon with green eyes lying on a bed

Do I need cat insurance?

Like dogs, cats can get themselves into unexpected scrapes or fall ill. So let’s take a look at the benefits of getting pet insurance for your formidable feline.

A picture of a Persian cat looking through an open book
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UK flat-faced pet breed ban: What could it mean for my pet?

There’s ongoing talk about flat-faced pet welfare and whether a breeding ban is needed. Let’s take a look at what’s being said - and what it means for your pet.