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A picture of a mixed fur moggie cat with a cloudy eye

Blindness in cats: Causes, symptoms and care tips

Cat blindness is a common condition for many felines. Find out how to spot the symptoms and care for your blind cat from expert vet Dr Scott Miller.

A picture of a long haired grey cat eating a treat

How to recognise and prevent cat poisoning

Learn how to keep your cat safe from accidental poisoning in and around the home with top tips from expert vet Dr Scott Miller.

A picture of a ginger mother cat nursing her kittens on a blanket

A behaviourist’s guide to cat pregnancy

Discover how pregnancy affects your cat both physically and behaviourally with expert insight from feline behaviourist Lucy Hoile.

A picture of a long haired kitten climbing on a laptop

Vet tips for helping with kitten regret

It’s not easy raising a kitten - and it’s completely normal to feel stress and worry. Vet Dr Scott Miller shares his tips for managing new kitten regret.

A picture of a black cat sat on a table looking at the camera

How does neutering affect a cat’s behaviour?

Curious about how neutering affects your cat’s personality and behaviour? Feline behavioural expert Lucy Hoile shares all you need to know.

A picture of a grey and white cat sneakily looking at a packet of medicine

How to give your cat medicine

If you’ve ever struggled to give your cat medicine, this one’s for you. Discover practical tips from expert vet Dr Corinne Wigfall.