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A picture of a big Alsatian breed dog lying on a vet table

Dog and cat blood donation: How does it work?

Vets around the UK need blood for life-saving treatments and operations. Dr Scott Miller looks at how cat and dog blood donation works, and how your pet could get involved.

A picture of a mixed breed dog at the vet

Is your dog sick? Here’s what to do

If you’re having a tough time telling when your pup isn’t well, check out this handy guide on signs of dog sickness from expert vet Dr Lily Richards.

A picture of a Husky covered in dirt coming out of a hole in the woods

Worming your dog: What you need to know

Learn how to keep those wriggly nasties at bay and your pup healthy with this expert guide on dog worming from vet Dr Lily Richards.

Yellow labrador sat with his owner

The State of Dog Ownership in 2023

Find out what research UK pet parents do before getting a dog and how much it costs to care for their pup.

A picture of a Terrier licking their snoot as they walk towards the camera

Dog licking explained

Dog licking is a whole language in itself - find out what your canine is saying through their slobbery kisses from expert behaviourist Philippa Short.

A picture of a Germain Pointer sat on a vet table having their heart listened to with a stethoscope
Cats | Dogs

How to make your pet’s visit to the vet less stressful

If your best pet pal gets nervous seeing the vet, you’re not alone. Expert vet Dr Scott Miller shares his top tips for making visits less stressful.

A picture of an American XL Bully in the woods
Dogs | News

XL Bully ban UK: What does it mean for my dog?

With the news of an upcoming XL Bully breed ban in the UK, expert vet Dr Scott Miller shares what you need to know about the ban and what it means for you.

A picture of a mixed breed dog looking at a dog tooth brush

How to look after your dog’s teeth

Good dental health is an important part of your dog’s overall health. Expert vet Dr Emma Chandley shares her top tips on how to clean your pup’s teeth.

A picture of a muddy Terrier walking along a muddy path

Alabama rot: Your guide to signs and symptoms

Alabama rot may be a rarer canine condition but it’s good to be in the know. Learn the signs and symptoms of this disease from expert vet Dr Corinne Wigfall.

A picture of a Hungarian Vizsla sitting in a grassy field

Grass seeds in dogs: Your need to know guide

Protect your pooch from pesky grass seeds with this handy guide from expert vet Dr Lily Richards.

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