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Is pet insurance worth it?

Find out why pet insurance is worth it to cover the cost of vet bills over your pet’s lifetime, plus how to pick the best type of insurance for your pet.

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UK cat vaccine shortage: What to do if you’re affected

Due to an increase in the UK cat population and disruptions to appointments, many owners are struggling to get vaccinations. Join us as we discuss vaccine availability and what to do if you’re affected by the shortage.

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Advent calendar competition

Fancy the chance to showcase your rescue cat or dog on social media this festive season? While also getting a donation to your chosen charity? Find out more…

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What are the cat life stages?

Curious about how long cats live and whether they have 9 lives? Want to know how it works with cat years to human years? Join us as we look at the different cat life stages.

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Your guide to hypoallergenic dogs

They may be known as man’s best friends, but they aren’t always friendly to those with pet allergies! If you’ve got pesky symptoms around pups, take a look at some breeds which may be kinder to your allergies.

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UK Black Friday 2021 dog deals

Looking to treat your dog and grab a bargain at the same time? We’ve found some online Black Friday 2021 dog deals that may just get your tail wagging.

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UK dog laws: What you need to know

As they say, with great paw-er, comes great responsibility. Thinking of becoming a dog owner? Take a read of our guide on some of the UK laws around dog ownership.

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Introducing our Blue Cross partnership

Losing a pet is a painful process - but you never need to go through it alone. Introducing our new bereavement partnership with Blue Cross.

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Why can’t you insure my pet?

We completely understand how frustrating it is to not be able to get cover for your dog or cat. Join us as we talk through some of the possible reasons why we weren’t able to offer your pet a policy with us.

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How to calm your cat on Bonfire Night

Does Bonfire Night get your cat’s hackles up? We’ve got some handy tips to help keep your kitty calm on one of the noisiest nights of the year.