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A picture of two Spaniels and a Labrador chasing a tennis ball on a beach

Is pet insurance worth it?

Find out why pet insurance is worth it to cover the cost of vet bills over your pet’s lifetime, plus how to pick the best type of insurance for your pet.

A picture of a Border Collie chewing a bunch of flowers
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Share the underdog love this Valentine’s Day

We all know rescue cats and dogs have a lot of love to give. So what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a fun dating profile for your pet.

A picture of a Border Collie training with their owner in the park, a ball held in front of them

Your guide to positive reinforcement dog training

Delve into the world of dog training with expert dog trainer and behaviourist Philippa Short. Learn how to teach your pooch cues using rewards and positive reinforcement.

A picture of a big Alsatian breed dog lying on a vet table

Dog and cat blood donation: How does it work?

Vets around the UK need blood for life-saving treatments and operations. Dr Scott Miller looks at how cat and dog blood donation works, and how your pet could get involved.

A picture of a Dachshund wearing a rain coat, running on a beach in winter
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Dog beach sickness virus: What to do if you’re affected

There’s a mystery dog sickness bug that started on the beach but is now spreading inland. Dr Scott Miller is here to explain what we know so far about the virus and gives advice on how to protect your pup.

A picture of a Terrier type dog smiling at the camera as its being walked on a dirt path

How to help your dog lose weight and get fit

If you’re guilty of over-indulging your dog to the point of being overweight, you’re not alone. Take a read of our guide to help your dog beat the bulge.

A picture of a red Cockapoo puppy being walked on the street using a harness and lead

How to lead train a puppy

Get the know-hows on lead training your puppy thanks to expert advice from dog behaviourist Philippa Short.

A picture of a Husky puppy with a ball by its feet, staring up at its owner

What are the first three things to train my puppy?

If the idea of starting to train your new pup is daunting, you’re in luck! Dog behaviourist Philippa Short gives her expertise on the first three things to train your puppy.

A picture of a Siberian cat sitting on a fence surrounded by snow
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How to protect your pet from common winter illnesses

Want to keep your pet happy and healthy during the cold season? Learn about some of the common winter illnesses for cats and dogs, plus how to help protect them from getting ill.

A picture of a Norwegian Forest cat walking through snow

Keeping cats safe and warm in cold weather

You may not be able to stop your cat from embracing winter adventures, but there are ways to help keep them safe and warm. Check out our cold weather care tips for your feline.