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A picture of a Border Collie watching his owner buy a food bowl in a pet shop
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Savvy swaps and tips to make pet care more affordable

With so many costs going up, we’ve put together some top tips and swaps to make pet care more affordable, without compromising on quality.

A picture of a Devon Rex hypoallergenic kitten

Your guide to hypoallergenic cats

Pesky allergies stopping you from finding your purr-fect feline companion? Read our handy guide on hypoallergenic cats to see how you could become a cat pawrent.

A picture of a swimming dog with limp tail syndrome

Why is my dog’s tail hanging limp after swimming?

If you’ve ever wondered why your dog’s tail is hanging limp after swimming, we’re here to clear things up! Learn all about limber tail syndrome.

A picture of a dog with ringworm scratching itself

Ringworm in dogs: How to identify and treat

We discuss the signs of ringworm in dogs and how to best care for your pet.

A picture of a dog wearing a medal

Win with The Petsure Games

As part of The Petsure Games, we’ve teamed up with PetsPyjamas and Meowing Heads to create a free prize draw with some pawsome prizes. Find out more!

A picture of a black and tan dog playing with the sprinkler in the garden

How to keep your dog cool in hot weather

It’s important to look out for your dog in hot weather to avoid any heat-related illnesses. Here, we highlight what you should be doing to protect your dogs throughout the hot summer months.

A picture of a black cat being walked with a lead and harness

Lead training a cat

Walkies aren't just for dogs! We discuss how cat owners can get their feline friends used to a harness and out on a walk.

A picture of a long haired cat sat on a scratch post

Why do cats knead?

It might look like your cat is trying to become the next contestant of the Great British Bake Off by making biscuits worthy of a Hollywood handshake, but they’re actually doing something else! Here, we discuss why your cat is kneading their paws.

A picture of a Great Dane in a lavender field

Choosing the right dog for you

Ready to be a paw-rent? We give you the lowdown on choosing the right dog for your family.

A picture of a cat next to a matting brush with lots of fur

Why is my cat losing fur?

We explore the common issue of hair loss in cats, discussing why it may be happening, and how owners can prevent it.

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