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A picture of two Spaniels and a Labrador chasing a tennis ball on a beach

Is pet insurance worth it?

Find out why pet insurance is worth it to cover the cost of vet bills over your pet’s lifetime, plus how to pick the best type of insurance for your pet.

A picture of a Sheepdog puppy holding a sock
Cats | Dogs

Foreign body blockages in cats and dogs

Our curious cats and dogs love to eat things they shouldn’t. Learn how to deal with foreign body blockages from expert vet Dr Scott Miller.

A picture of a long haired cat rubbing their mouth along the edge of a computer

Your guide to cat scent marking

Discover why and how cats use scent marking to interact with the world from expert feline behaviourist Lucy Hoile.

A picture of a Jack Russell Terrier wearing an insulated dog coat on a walk in a snowy wood

How to keep your dog safe and warm in cold weather

Protect your pup against cold, wintry weather and learn how to keep them safe and warm with these top tips from expert vet Dr Scott Miller.

A picture of a Shepherd dog and a cat lying in front of a Christmas tree
Cats | Dogs

Christmas pet safety: Top tips from a first aid expert

Make sure your Christmas festivities are safe for your favourite pet pal with these top tips from pet first aid expert Emma Hammet.

A picture of a mixed breed dog at the vet

Is your dog sick? Here’s what to do

If you’re having a tough time telling when your pup isn’t well, check out this handy guide on signs of dog sickness from expert vet Dr Lily Richards.

A picture of a Husky covered in dirt coming out of a hole in the woods

Worming your dog: What you need to know

Learn how to keep those wriggly nasties at bay and your pup healthy with this expert guide on dog worming from vet Dr Lily Richards.

A picture of a tabby cat sat majestically on a fence

Cat worming guide: How to treat and what to look for

Discover how to keep worms at bay and your feline happy and healthy with expert guidance on cat worming from vet Dr Lily Richards.

Yellow labrador sat with his owner

The State of Dog Ownership in 2023

Find out what research UK pet parents do before getting a dog and how much it costs to care for their pup.

A picture of a Terrier licking their snoot as they walk towards the camera

Dog licking explained

Dog licking is a whole language in itself - find out what your canine is saying through their slobbery kisses from expert behaviourist Philippa Short.

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