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A picture of two Spaniels and a Labrador chasing a tennis ball on a beach

Is pet insurance worth it?

Find out why pet insurance is worth it to cover the cost of vet bills over your pet’s lifetime, plus how to pick the best type of insurance for your pet.

A picture of a mixed breed sheepdog walking in the hills

Dog castration: Your guide to male dog neutering

Thinking about neutering your dog? Exert dog behaviourist Philippa Short shares the pros and cons of castration and how it affects your canine’s behaviour.

A picture of a Beagle and tabby cat cuddled up close to the camera

How to introduce a new puppy to your cat

Find out how to create a long-lasting friendship between your new puppy and cat with these top tips from expert dog behaviourist Philippa Short.

A picture of a long haired tuxedo cat lying on a blanket

Is your cat stressed? Signs to look out for and how to help

Worried your cat is stressed? Expert cat behaviourist Lucy Hoile explains what may be causing your kitty to get frazzled and how you can help.

A picture of Retriever puppies mouthing their owner's fingers

How to stop your puppy from biting

Is your puppy getting a bit too enthusiastic with those sharp gnashers? Expert behaviourist Philippa Short explains how to teach your pup mouthing manners.

A picture of a tuxedo cat being checked by a vet with a stethoscope
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How much does the vet cost? Vet fees explained

Expert vet Dr Scott Miller helps you understand what it can cost to treat your pet with this handy breakdown of vet fee costs.

A picture of a Nova Scotia Retriever leaning on a log in the woods
Dogs | News

UK lungworm spread in dogs: What you need to know

Lungworm cases in dog are growing in the UK, so here’s your essential need-to-knows from expert vet Dr Scott Miller.

A picture of a Dachshund being trained to sit in its crate

Why and how to crate train your dog

Discover how to make crate training a positive and successful experience with this expert guide from dog behaviourist Philippa Short.

A picture of a 2 month old Bernedoodle puppy

A vet’s guide to your puppy’s first 6 months of development

Get the need-to-knows about your puppy’s first 6 months of development with this handy guide from expert vet Dr Scott Miller.

A picture of two Jack Russell Terriers barking on the sofa

How to stop a dog from barking

Is your dog barking excessively for attention, at other dogs, or maybe when left alone? Expert behaviourist Philippa Short shares her top barking management tips.

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