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A picture of two Spaniels and a Labrador chasing a tennis ball on a beach

Is pet insurance worth it?

Find out why pet insurance is worth it to cover the cost of vet bills over your pet’s lifetime, plus how to pick the best type of insurance for your pet.

A picture of a black and tan dog playing with the sprinkler in the garden

How to keep your dog cool in hot weather

It’s important to look out for your dog in hot weather to avoid any heat-related illnesses. Here, we highlight what you should be doing to protect your dogs throughout the hot summer months.

A picture of a black cat being walked with a lead and harness

Lead training a cat

Walkies aren't just for dogs! We discuss how cat owners can get their feline friends used to a harness and out on a walk.

A picture of a long haired cat sat on a scratch post

Why do cats knead?

It might look like your cat is trying to become the next contestant of the Great British Bake Off by making biscuits worthy of a Hollywood handshake, but they’re actually doing something else! Here, we discuss why your cat is kneading their paws.

A picture of a Great Dane in a lavender field

Choosing the right dog for you

Ready to be a paw-rent? We give you the lowdown on choosing the right dog for your family.

A picture of a cat next to a matting brush with lots of fur

Why is my cat losing fur?

We explore the common issue of hair loss in cats, discussing why it may be happening, and how owners can prevent it.

A picture of a red crossbreed dog eating a watermelon

What human food can dogs eat?

We take a look at some of the most common searches for 'can my dog eat...' and educate pet owners on the dos and don'ts of sharing their food.

A picture of a Great Dane at a laptop

How to choose the best pet insurance for my pet

We explain the top things you may want to think about when it comes to researching pet insurance policies, including how you can compare pet insurance.

A picture of a Jack Russell Terrier wearing a harness on a beach

Dog collar or harness: What’s right for my pet?

Is a collar or harness is better when walking your dog? Let’s look at the differences between the two, weigh up the pros and cons, and help you make the right choice for your pet. 

A picture of a grumpy white and grey kitten

New kitten checklist

Are you set to welcome a new kitten into your family? Make sure you’re purr-pared! Here are the kitten essentials you need to know.

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