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A picture of two Spaniels and a Labrador chasing a tennis ball on a beach

Is pet insurance worth it?

Find out why pet insurance is worth it to cover the cost of vet bills over your pet’s lifetime, plus how to pick the best type of insurance for your pet.

A picture of a black and white dog with hair covering its face

How to groom a dog

We discuss how dog owners can keep their pooch looking happy and healthy with regular grooming, including the tools needed and how to do each step.

A picture of a grumpy grey cat with orange eyes

How to deal with cat separation anxiety

Join us as we explore cat separation anxiety, including how to recognise the signs, how you can prevent your feline from getting anxious, and how to calm your cat when stressed.

Apicture of a bored and unstimulated Collie

Fun canine enrichment ideas

Find out why dog enrichment is important and discover lots of fun ideas to keep your pooch happy and stimulated.

A picture of pet influencer Puggy Smalls at The Petsure Games 2021

The Petsure Games 2021

Join us as we look back on the events of The Petsure Games, an inclusive animal sporting event held at the Bath & West Country Festival in August 2021.

A picture of a curious white and tan Jack Russell Terrier puppy

Understanding puppy vaccinations

Protecting your puppy begins with their vaccines. Learn all about puppy vaccination, from the why, how, and when, to what comes after they’re vaccinated.

A picture of a Devon Rex hypoallergenic kitten

Your guide to hypoallergenic cats

Pesky allergies stopping you from finding your purr-fect feline companion? Read our handy guide on hypoallergenic cats to see how you could become a cat pawrent.

A picture of a swimming dog with limp tail syndrome

Why is my dog’s tail hanging limp after swimming?

If you’ve ever wondered why your dog’s tail is hanging limp after swimming, we’re here to clear things up! Learn all about limber tail syndrome.

A picture of a dog with ringworm scratching itself

Ringworm in dogs: How to identify and treat

We discuss the signs of ringworm in dogs and how to best care for your pet.

A picture of a dog wearing a medal

Win with The Petsure Games

As part of The Petsure Games, we’ve teamed up with PetsPyjamas and Meowing Heads to create a free prize draw with some pawsome prizes. Find out more!