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A picture of a chocolate Labrador being given liquid medicine

How to give your dog medicine

Put an end to stressful battles when trying to give your dog their medicine with these handy tips from expert vet Dr Corrine Wigfall.

A picture of a Black Labrador wearing a basket muzzle

How to muzzle train your dog

Muzzle training your dog is an essential skill. Expert dog trainer Philippa Short takes you through the steps to getting your dog comfortable in a muzzle.

A picture of two Spaniel puppies, one of which is chewing a wooden garden furniture leg

Coping with the puppy blues: Vet tips for new puppy parents

Being a puppy parent is hard work and can be tough on your mental health. Expert vet Dr Scott Miller shares his top tips on coping with the puppy blues.

A picture of a Jack Russell Terrier having their nose booped

Your dog handling guide

Learning how to handle your dog is a vital skill for any pet parent. Expert trainer Philippa Short guides you through successful canine handling.

A picture of a Sheepdog puppy holding a sock
Cats | Dogs

Foreign body blockages in cats and dogs

Our curious cats and dogs love to eat things they shouldn’t. Learn how to deal with foreign body blockages from expert vet Dr Scott Miller.

A picture of a Jack Russell Terrier wearing an insulated dog coat on a walk in a snowy wood

How to keep your dog safe and warm in cold weather

Protect your pup against cold, wintry weather and learn how to keep them safe and warm with these top tips from expert vet Dr Scott Miller.