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A picture of a muddy Terrier walking along a muddy path

Alabama rot: Your guide to signs and symptoms

Alabama rot may be a rarer canine condition but it’s good to be in the know. Learn the signs and symptoms of this disease from expert vet Dr Corinne Wigfall.

A picture of a Hungarian Vizsla sitting in a grassy field

Grass seeds in dogs: Your need to know guide

Protect your pooch from pesky grass seeds with this handy guide from expert vet Dr Lily Richards.

A picture of a Weimaraner puppy lying on the grass

Puppy socialisation and habituation: What you need to do

Set up your puppy for a confident life with these socialisation and habituation tips from expert dog trainer Philippa Short.

A picture of a Labrador stepping into a river

Your guide to blue-green algae poisoning in dogs

Blue-green algae can be toxic for your pup. Learn how to spot it and what to do if your dog is poisoned with these top tips from Dr Scott Miller.

A picture of a Beagle running in a field

Can dogs get hayfever?

Hayfever is no fun for us or our favourite pooches. Expert vet Dr Scott Miller shares how to spot pollen allergies in dogs and how you can help ease symptoms.

A picture of a mixed breed sheepdog walking in the hills

Dog castration: Your guide to male dog neutering

Thinking about neutering your dog? Exert dog behaviourist Philippa Short shares the pros and cons of castration and how it affects your canine’s behaviour.